Monday, March 4, 2013

Potty Pre-Party

Recently, while feeling especially exhausted and mentally foggy, I complained to my husband that life would be a lot easier if we could teach our twins to change each other's diapers.  He just laughed.  "Why don't we try potty training instead?"  Oh, right.  That's a much better idea.  A few days later, to my girls' delight, I brought home a little potty in the shape of a frog.  The girls laughed and clapped and took turns sitting (fully clothed) on the froggy, gripping wads of toilet paper in their tiny hands.  My twins are not yet potty "able" but they are open to the concept.  In other words, they're potty ready.

How do you know if your child is potty ready?  If your child is between 18 and 24 months, you may begin to notice these key signs of potty readiness....

1. Your toddler dislikes dirty diapers and looks for opportunities to ditch the dipe (much to your chagrin). 
2. Your toddler can undress for potty time, meaning that your little one can pull down his/her own pants and diaper.
3. Your toddler has a potty mouth -- literally.  Your toddler can communicate verbally (or nonverbally) about going "poop" and "pee," or points to and/or says "diaper" when he/she needs one.
4. Your toddler "pretends potty" with favorite animals and dolls.  How many times have you phantom changed a stuffed animal's diaper?  Yep, your child is interested in the potty process, and is beginning to understand that everyone poops.
5. Speaking of, "Everyone Poops," by Taro Gomi, is a great read for you and your potty curious child.  Your kiddo might also enjoy "Big Girls Use the Potty" or "Big Boys Use the Potty" (DK Publishing), and "A Potty for Me!" (Karen Katz).  

Perhaps it's time to acquire a froggy potty and a book or two for your little ones?!  For more information about potty readiness, check out this terrific (and brief!) article on potty readiness: 

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